Community-Centric Banking for a Better Tomorrow


At Accentra Credit Union, community isn't just a place; it's at the heart of everything we do. Founded on the principle of people helping people, we are dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the communities we serve. We believe that when our communities thrive, so do our members.

As a member-owned cooperative, we believe in the power of collaboration and support. We strive to create a positive impact by actively participating in local initiatives, charities, and events that enrich the lives of our neighbors. Accentra Credit Union is not just a financial institution; we are your neighbors, friends, and partners in progress.

Our team is passionate about fostering financial literacy, empowering individuals and businesses to achieve their goals, and contributing to the overall prosperity of our communities. From sponsoring local events to volunteering our time, we believe in the strength of unity and the positive influence it has on the lives of those we serve.

Join us in building a stronger, more vibrant community. At Accentra Credit Union, caring for our community is not just a value; it's our way of banking for a better tomorrow.

2024 Accentra Scholarship Recipient - Claire Bleise