Our Commitment to Financial Education

At Accentra CU we believe that financial empowerment starts with education. We are dedicated to supporting the communities we serve, and financial literacy is at the forefront of our initiatives

Why Financial Education Matters: 

Understanding and managing finances is a crucial skill in today's world. Yet, many individuals may not have access to proper financial education. By partnering with Banzai, we aim to bridge this gap, providing valuable resources to our members and the local community. From budgeting and saving to understanding credit and making informed financial decisions, Banzai's FREE interactive courses empower individuals with the knowledge they need for a secure financial future.

Our Commitment to Education: 

As a credit union, our mission extends beyond traditional banking services. We are dedicated to supporting our community, and education is at the forefront of our initiatives. By offering free access to Banzai's financial education platform, we're providing the tools needed to navigate the complex world of personal finance.

Our Partnership with Banzai: 

Accentra CU has been the exclusive sponsor for Banzai in schools in Southeastern MN since 2012. We're proud to support over 45 local schools by providing Banzai's curriculum to educators, helping them incorporate essential financial literacy lessons into their classrooms.

Getting Started: 

Explore the world of financial education with Accentra and Banzai. Whether you're a member looking to enhance your financial know-how or a local educator seeking valuable resources for your students, our partnership with Banzai is here to empower you on your financial journey. Together, let's build a community that's informed, empowered, and financially resilient!

Here are some of our favorite FREE financial tools:

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